By Bonnie Wenberg, Quilter’s Round-Up, (541)676-8282


Small(up to 6 yrs)                                                Medium (6 – 11 yrs)                             Large (12 to teens)

2 pieces of fabric                                                  2 pieces of fabric                                  60” fabric –

1 ¼ yards each                                                     1 ½ yards of each                                 1 3/8 yards each 2 pieces each

Finished Appx. 40 x 42                                        Finished Appx. 40 x 52                        45” fabric –

Trim – 5 yards                                                       Trim – 5 ½ yards                                  4 pieces fabric 1 3/8 yard

2 fronts & 2 backs, sew together & then line up to size

                                                                                                                                                Finished Appx. 60 x 50

                                                                                                                                                Trim – 6 1/3 yardsds


Fabric Choices:

Lightweight, preferably cotton. Because it breathes, doesn’t melt to skin like polyesters if burned,

does burn but can be put out by smothering flames.  NO flannels, fleeces, etc. – too warm. 

Haiti is humid & hot, tropical climate. No batting of any type. Use bright, happy fabric colors & prints.



  1. Pre wash.  Otherwise when washed, blanket could be distorted in shape.  Press flat after washing

 for cutting accuracy.


  1. Cut carefully 2 pieces same size & on grain. Easy way to do this is fold in half selvages together

 & make sure fold is not distorted. The fold in half 2nd time & square on cutting mat.  Trim off

 uneven edges & salvages – make sure front and back cut to exact same size.


  1. Pin 2 pieces right sides together all 4 sides to maintain correct shape.  I double pin at opening of 6”

to 8” for turning so I don’t accidentally sew it shut!


  1. Leaving an opening for turning stitch around all 4 sides with ½” seam.  ¼” is too small. 

Backstitch both ends of opening.


  1. Trim off seam at corners in a diagonally cut. For a different style you could curve the corners

before you sew the blanket.


  1. Turn right side out.


  1. Carefully press all sides. Stitch opening shut by hand or machine.


  1. Stitch around ¼ - ¾ around edge – will prevent distortion from multiple washings. 

(I do the ¼” & then don’t have to worry about sewing opening shut with any ½” seams.)


  1. If applying trims can be part of this ¼” stitching or father in.  May also use decorative stitch in

 place of trim.


  1. If doing appliqué use light fusible web & zigzag around through all fabric.



 Keep those blankets simple so can make a lot of them!  Keep them pretty to add a tiny note of cheer into their misery.






General Information


1 in 9 of Haiti’s current population are orphans after the devastating earthquake.  Millions of precious

children needed love & comfort.  A blanket gives a hug to a child.  I’d love to rush over to Haiti and

open hundreds of orphanages.  I don’t have the funds or connections to do this, but I can sew a blanket.

We can’t possibly make too many blankets.


My daughter Mindy is doing the International Rescue & Relief Major at Union College in Nebraska.

Groups of these students are going over to assist in relief work. All have EMT or paramedic training. 

She went in mid February.  I want to send tubs of blankets. That way we’ll know

they’re not sitting in a warehouse trying to clear customs. The director of her major has gotten

connections to send these direct to Haiti whether students are going or not.




How Can We Help?

1)      Sew lightweight blankets.  Haiti is hot & humid even at night.

2)      Donate fabric for others to sew.  I am sharply discounting fabric being bought for these blankets.

40% off fabric for them & 60% off clearance fabric.

3)      Donate money to help pay for fabric & thread for others to sew them together.

4)      Donate money for shipping the tubs to Haiti.

5)      Come help at a swing bee, even if you don’t know how to sew you can help with pinning, turning,


6)      Pray for these orphans.  Pray for red tape being cut for all the volunteers & donations being poured

 into Haiti by a caring world.  Pray for the physical & emotional health of the thousands of volunteers

 going to Haiti.  This is tiring & emotionally devastating work.  The risk of illness & injury is high.